Roy Cowley - 3D Lipo Visionary


We recently introduced 3D Lipo to BATG and to say it has been a great success would be a bit of an understatement. We managed to grab some time with Roy Cowley the founder and managing Director of 3D- lipo Ltd who has a career in the Beauty/ Aesthetics industry spanning over 25 years.

Roy is a true pioneer and inspirational figure within the industry and it is his philosophy that allows salons like ours to offer treatments like 3D that traditionally would not be available to us.

We are very grateful that he has allowed us to delve into not only his business but also in letting us find out more about the man himself.

I left school with one O level, and went to work full time for McDonalds at the age of 17. During this time, I worked my way up to become the youngest store manager in the UK by the age of 21. My time at McDonald’s taught some valuable lessons that I still use in day to day business today. From here I went on to work for sales in Kellogg’s. At the age of 23 I then set up a beauty salon in my hometown of Leamington spa. Although I thoroughly enjoyed running this business, my passion was always to get into distribution/ manufacturing in the beauty industry.

How did you start out within the Beauty Industry?

At the beginning of my career, I focussed on distribution of new trends in the Beauty/ Aesthetics Industry. I have previously been responsible for the launch of well-known brands in the UK such as Crystal Clear and Bio therapeutic. After identifying a clear gap in the market, I established my own manufacturing company, 3D- lipo Ltd, now specialising in the development of multi- technology platform devices which address a multitudes of indications for face and body and ensure best patient outcomes.

Did you have a vision or plan mapped out at that stage?

I have always had a clear vision with 3D-lipo. After several years working with Laser Lipolysis devices and understanding the frustrations and limitations of such machines, especially the exercise post treatment, I stumbled across new technologies that offered a ray of light. The thought process from this point was to create a device that was fundamentally different. Every client’s needs are different and there is no one fix for all. Many clinics now follow this approach and combine different technologies to match their client’s indications and their clients keep coming back for more. Body machines have nearly always followed a single level of treatment focusing on muscle, cellulite, fat or skin tightening. 3D set out to create a machine that offered technology to permanently remove fat in a more effective way to laser lipolysis but also treat cellulite and offer skin tightening. Our next goal was to ensure that the specification for each of these technologies matched or surpassed the best of what was currently available individually. Finally we wanted the price for our multi-platform system to be better than any of the single technology devices in order to bring treatment prices down for clients. The result of this was 3D-lipo, a three dimensional alternative to liposuction with technologies targeting fat removal, cellulite reduction and skin tightening for face and body.

Looking back did you ever expect to achieve so much?

The success that the brand has achieved has been phenomenal. 3D-lipo is now available in over 450 clinics in the UK, as well as over 200 clinics overseas due to the amazing results that can be achieved, the huge amount of press the treatment has received and its big celebrity following. I have learnt that if you are passionate about your work and determined in what you do, the success will follow. I set out to bring affordable, prescriptive treatments to the masses by finding a clear gap in the market. By promoting our unique differences and benefits the success of 3D-lipo has grown from strength to strength.

If you could go back in time and give a 20 year old Roy Cowley some advice what would it be?

I would tell myself to always stand behind excellence and to set yourself apart from the crowd. I believe that this is key, and providing great customer service is paramount. I would also advise that the key to success is activity, don’t be afraid to go and get what you want! Hard work and determination pays off.

How does Roy Cowley Relax?

I can never completely switch off from work, however in my spare time I love to relax with my wife, and my lovely children. I have a son and two daughters who keep me busy! Over the past 12 months I have been involved in a huge building project to build a new house, so I love spending family time enjoying our amazing new home, as well as going on holidays abroad (and the odd glass of red) when I can. I am also a big scuba diver, my son and I enjoy diving in the Caribbean, and last year we even went diving with Bull Sharks! (not quite so relaxing!)

Favourite Holiday Destination?

Paxos in Greece is my favourite place in the world. I have been visiting this island since I was 11 years old. I love the Greek waters, and my prized possession is my boat that I keep over in Greece. Boating has always been my passion and I love to share it with my family and friends, we always have a fantastic time with lots of fun and water sports! I love everything about Paxos, the food, the friendly people, the turquoise waters and amazing beaches. It’s now home from home for me and my family, we visit every summer.

What is the future with 3D?

With 3D-lipo we always like to be one step ahead in bringing the latest multi- platform treatments to the market at an affordable price. Due to the success of 3D-lipo, it’s inevitable that we want to replicate the success by bringing a non-surgical alternative to the market for the face. We have recently launched 3D-skinmed, a non- surgical device for the face incorporating the latest technologies for lifting, tightening and hydrating the skin. This treatment has already proved to be extremely popular among clients and celebrities. The fact that this device is affordable and 3 dimensional means that the future brings these treatments to the majority of clients, not the minority.