Confessions of a facial virgin - Dermaquest Review

We couldn’t believe it when one of our clients told us she had never had a facial! So to remedy that, we immediately invited her along to be one of the very first to try the new DermaQuest Collection. Remember - Beauty at The Gate is the ONLY place in North East Lincolnshire where you will be able to access the DermaQuest treatments.

“I’ve never particularly invested in my skin, I’ve had my ups and downs with it, but on the whole I would say I have what you would call normal skin, if a little sensitive to certain products with the odd breakout now and again. So when I got the opportunity to try the new range of DermaQuest Facials, available exclusively at Beauty at The Gate in North East Lincolnshire, I jumped at the chance.

After an initial chat about my skin type, we decided on the Sweet Chill treatment. This is the original facial from the range featuring a 3D Stem Cell Mask. Using plant stem cells, skin is retextured, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores leaving it more even, bright and glowing. It’s a good all-rounder for those looking to lighten and brighten their skin, leaving it firmer and tighter. It also has anti-aging properties to help prevent any early signs (from the ages of 25+). It helps to rejuvenate dull, tired skin, which as a busy working mum of two small children can only ever be a bonus!

All the facials in the DermaQuest range are what are called non-prep treatment so you can have the treatment on the day without any prior patch test. I started to get slightly panicky when words like Stem Cells and Glycolic Acid where being banded around, concerned about what on earth was going on my face. But I needn’t have worried, all the DermaQuest produced are plant based. Glycolic Acid is an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which derives from Sugarcane and works as an exfoliant on the skins surface to help retexurise. This hydrates the skin and stimulates cell turnover, increases collagen and elastin, while reducing fine lines, wrinkles, photo damage and releases comedones. The solution used in Sweet Chill contains 30% Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Lilac Plant Stem Cell and Green Leaf Tea Extract. Sounds fancy, still with me?

The Stem Cell mask contains performance ingredients including Papyrus Plant Stem Cell, Liquid Ice, Marine Water MicroAlge and Acmella Oleracea Extract. This powerful mask promotes the skin’s own regeneration abilities resulting in a brightened complexion that is deeply nourished. This builds on further hydration and increase in collagen which will in turn soften the skin. Stem Cells work to replenish the skin of vital nutrients to leave it feeling revitalised. So, science lesson over with, time for the treatment.

The Sweet Chill Facial starts with a double cleanse to prepare your skin for treatment. As someone who uses the dreaded make up remover wipes (I have been shown the error of my ways!) I would not say I am a regular cleanser. So once the various cleansing lotions had been applied I’m not sure my skin had ever felt so squeaky clean. 

Next comes the Glycolic Acid Resurfacer. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive when I was told I might have some sensation on my face and braced myself as it was gentle brushed on to my skin, however I didn’t need to worry as when asked to rate the sensation from 1-10 (10 being you can massively feel what’s going on on there!) I settled on a 5 with the feeling wearing off within about 30 seconds to only be left with a bit of a tingle just above my eyebrows.

Next up was the Stem Cell 3D mask to smooth, nourish and deeply hydrate the skin. This is where the “chill” part of the facial comes in, I could physically feel the mask as it worked, with a pleasant cooling feeling on my skin.

After the mask came a range of aftercare products. First the Advanced B5 Serum containing 40% Hyaluronic Acid, then the Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex to repair the skin post treatment. Finally a layer of sunscreen was applied using SheerZinc SPF 30 for added environmental protection.

So the results. My skin felt amazing, like brand new! I was somewhat red directly following the treatment, I think my skin was probably shocked at getting more attention in 40 minutes than I had probably shown it in the last year. But the following morning, the results were clear to see. My skin physically felt smoother and tighter, which I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think was actually possible. Every time I walked past a mirror or window I took a sneaky glance as I couldn’t get over how fresh faced I looked. I often end up applying copious amounts of concealer to hide the inevitable dark circles under my eyes that come with two kids, but even these looked like I was getting my full 8 hours a night. Other mums in the playground even commented on how well I looked (“thanks, I’ve had a facial don’t you know”).

My skin was smoother, brighter, definitely rejuvenated. It’s safe to say, my first facial definitely won’t be my last.”

Beauty at The Gate is the only place in North East Lincolnshire where you will find the Sweet Chill treatment, one of six new DermaQuest Facials available at our Award Winning Salon. Other options include the Sweet Hydrate with Hydrating Gel Mask to help rehydrate dull, sensitive, stressed skin. The Sweet Clear with a DermaClear Mask to help clear oily, congested skin or for those prone to acne.  The Sweet Lift with Firming Enzyme Mask for a mini facelift, combating loss of elasticity and the signs of ageing. The Sweet Radiance with Sea Infusion Mask, this is a lightening and brightening treatment, giving an instant glow and is perfect for that special occasion. And finally the Sweet Enhance with Mini Pumpkin Mask for combination skin prone to breakouts to retexturize and enhance dull, tired skin.

Facials can also be combined with LightFusion. By combining LightFusion with our results driven facials you can really achieve out of this world results, younger fresher looking skin. LightFusion can be added to any of our DermaQuest facials.