Cell Recharging!

"Non-Surgical Face Lifts - A Beautiful Revolution in Age Reversal"

A-Lift is a new age-reversal treatment that uses unique nano-current technology to re-energise cells in the face and body. With immediate results and long lasting effects, it's like airbrushing the signs of ageing away. Non invasive and pain free, A-Lift is revolutionising the way we think of beauty.


Your skin cells are like batteries. They produce lots of energy (known as ATP) which causes the skin to regenerate and stay looking healthy and supple. As you get older, the power in those cells decrease, meaning that your ATP levels are lower. As a result, your skin starts to lose its youthfulness and the muscles in the face, neck and jaw start to sag. A-Lift is a deluxe anti-ageing facial that uses the latest technology to re-energise cells in the face and neck. With immediate results and long-lasting effects. Non invasive and pain free.

A-Lift automatically monitors, reprograms and adjusts its output frequency 16 times a second to mimic your skins unique frequency and therefore, boost the levels of your cells regeneration batteries. What's more, the effects of A-Lift are long lasting, up to six months.

No Pain / No Surgery / No Injections
No Chemicals / No Side Effects



Youthful Enlightenment: Exclusive to Beauty at the Gate

Youthful Enlightenment has been specially created for BATG clients by owner Samantha Beatty.
It combines the power of A-lift for lymphatic drainage and cell regeneration with Dermalux and its ability to stimulate collagen and heal.

A truly heavenly experience it will not only have your face glowing and rejuvenated but will leave you feeling totally relaxed and content.


60 minutes - £59


Angelic Ritual - Lifting Non Surgical Facelift Treatment

This treatment is the signature A-lift facial giving you A-mazing results. This treatment is recommended as part of a course but you can also have this as individual treatments too. The more treatments you have and the more frequent you have them determines the end results, but you won’t be disappointed.

This treatment will give you;

Intensive lifting and firming for face and neck /
Reduce the appearance of eye bags, lines and wrinkles /
Delay the signs of ageing


50 minutes - £49


Pure Zenergise: A Candle-Lit Supercharger


This is our ultimate relaxation treatment from A-lift. This treatment focuses more on relaxation, stress relief and is a true mind, body and soul treatment. This is your way of still having a beautiful holistic facial, while being able to enjoy the amazing cell regeneration and lymphatic results too. So if you need a complete relaxation treatment then you can still have this without compromising on results.

This treatment is great for:

Distressing and uplift for the face but also your mood /
All the benefits of cell regeneration combined with lymphatic drainage

Super relaxing / Focusing on face, next and shoulders /
Great for over exhaustion, stress, fatigue, post-pregnancy or recovering
from illness.


75 minutes - £59


Divine Indulgence: The Ultimate A-Lift Experience

The Divine Indulgence is what we call the “red carpet” treatment. This is ideal prior to an event such as a wedding, holiday, ball, you name it, whatever the occasion, when you need to look sensational, this is the treatment for you. We include everything that is in the angelic ritual, but we then add massage, anti-ageing lifting mask and also cell regeneration treatment to the hands.

This treatment will give you:

Facial lifting and toning / Skin rejuvenation /
Bespoke nourishing mask therapy / De stressing, relaxing massage /
A luxurious treatment for the face, neck and hands.


90 minutes treatment - £69