Leave your senses buzzing!

A treatment to knock you out and leave you feeling totally zonked:)

Here at Beauty & Man at the Gate we like to involve our Therapists as much as possible in how we look after our clients and plan our treatments, so we get them to create their own signature treatment.

Jordan has used her experience gained here at the salon to create a treatment that will elevate you to a level of relaxation and calmness you never knew possible!

Indian Head.jpg

This treatment created by Jordan will totally knock you and your senses out:)

A deep Indian Head Massage using Elemis de-Stress oil will help to put you in a state of relaxation and clear your mind. It will leave your mind and body feeling zoned out and floaty.

The 2nd part of a treatment is a Medik8 mini-facial that will see your skin deeply cleansed before a mask is applied and you enjoy a hand and arm massage.

The challenge with this treatment is to STAY AWAKE:)


60 minutes - £40