Tattoo Removal & Fading

Using the latest in tattoo removal technology, Inkaway. ay gooodbye to that unwanted or unloved tattoo. Looking to get a cover-up? We can fade your existing tattoo sufficiently enough to allow for a new cover tattoo.


InkAway Tattoo Removal

Your therapist will talk through the risks and effects of tattoo removal. It may be that skin becomes red and raised for a short while, and you may experience some slight bleeding and scabbing. Hyperpigmentation (where skin becomes darker) and hypopigmentation (where skin becomes lighter) has been known, and there may be some scarring.

It is so important that you have a good break, around six weeks, in between each session to ensure that your skin has chance to heal, and that you apply any cream or gel that is recommended. It can take anything up to 6-8 sessions for the tattoo to be removed depending on the ink, size and age of the tattoo.


Small Area - 45 Medium Area - 70 Large Area - 90