A facial combining micro-current and dermaplaning

Here at Beauty & Man at the Gate we like to involve our Therapists as much as possible in how we look after our clients and plan our treatments, so we get them to create their own signature treatment.

Keeley has created a facial to leave you skin glowing and as soft as a baby’s bottom, combining a range of ingredients and techniques.


An all year round facial that will give your skin a glow for the summer and a boost during the winter months.

Keeley combines the power of A-Lift with Dermaplaning with this bespoke facial that can be adapted to all types of needs and concerns.

The A-Lift machine and its micro-current is used for lymphatic drainage and cell-regeneration. Your skin is then prepped for Dermaplaning.

A safe and effective exfoliation procedure resulting in immediate rejuvenation of the facial skin by removing the outermost layer.  During this fast, painless treatment, 21 days’ worth of dead skin is removed from the epidermis as well as vellus hair. An enzyme peel is applied and you then enjoy a scalp massage before the treatment is finished with carefully selected products that will protect and hydrate your skin.


60 minutes - £50