Acupuncture/Dry Needling


Aids with a Multitude of Concerns


Originally from China- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) around 2000 years ago, bamboo was originally used as needles and the focus was the flow of Qi energy through the body. They believed that we feel poorly or have injuries and health problems due to the Qi being disrupted so either being too much or too little in one particular place. The needles are used to re-direct the Qi to provide balance within the body. Qi travels along meridian lines throughout the body and needles are placed along these lines to provide energy to particular areas to promote healing.

Western medicine uses a physical examination and consultation to diagnose an injury, majority of needles are then placed within the area of the problem to produce a chemical response to the muscle to provide healing, muscle de-sensitisation and pain relief.

Acupuncture can be used to treat:

  • Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Sickness

  • Vertigo, Fatigue, Women’s Health Problems, Fertility

  • Toothache, Chronic and Acute Pain, Post-Operative Pain

  • Lack of ROM in a Joint, Lack of Energy, Anxiety & Depression

  • Concentration, Side Effects from Cancer Treatment, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite

Dry needling is also used during treatment and this if for trigger points within muscles. Trigger points (TP) are small areas of muscle fibre that are in spasm, they can produce localised pain or referred pain and decreased range of movement in a joint or muscle. Using palpation the needle is directly inserted into the TP and stimulated. For a quick fix aggressive dry needling is used, the needle is continuously stimulated for around 5-10 minutes, the bottom of the needle grips onto muscle fibre and twists around itself causing a chemical reaction to take place in the muscle to which the muscle fibres relax. For a longer lasting affect gentle dry needling is much more beneficial, the needle is stimulated until it becomes too tight to move and is stimulated every 5 minutes for around 20-30minutes.

Advice & Aftercare

Avoid alcohol & caffeine 24 hours before and after
Avoid hot baths & showers 24 hours after
Avoid heavy exercise 24 hours after
Drink plenty of water
Always try to eat a full meal before treatment


BATG Client Julia was suffering with lower back pain that massage alone was not helping to alleviate. Our acupuncture specialist Lauren prescribed a course of acupuncture, after the 3rd session Julia began to see results and the pain she was experiencing was greatly reduced.

A consultation is always needed to allow the Becky to design the correct procedure. There are many acu-points throughout the body and each have several reasons why they could be used so finding out why the client would like the treatment and what it could be used for is important.


Acupuncture including Consultation, Treatment & Aftercare Advice - 45 minutes £37.50